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Works with any Excel version! Do you know why so many people use Pivot Tables in Excel? Many people use pivot tables in their daily work for fast, standardized requests. What does that even mean? Imagine you need to know the total sales of your ... read more

Overview This is a one-hour course that is intended for Excel users who want to learn how to automate their tasks. Excel, as well as other Microsoft Office programs, come with a powerful scripting language known as VBA. With a little bit of ... read more

Course Description 80% of PowerPoint presentations are poorly designed, messaged incorrectly, and provide no worth to their intended audience. The worst thing we can do is waste peoples times with boring presentations that provide no value. ... read more

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: First 3000 students will receive Spreadsheets for business PART 2 for FREE! Welcome to The U ltimate introduction to spreadsheets for business owners and entrepreneurs! Learn how to use spreadsheets to discover ... read more

Excel is nothing but a tool. If you are not in a professional analyst mindset, what Excel can do is limited. Here in this course, I only teach things that you will apply in your work as an analyst. There are thousands of functions in Excel, what ... read more

In this course, author and award-winning instructor Jeff Lenning CPA demonstrates the technique featured in his Journal of Accountancy article The Power of Mapping Tables . If you use Microsoft Excel to generate reports, this course is ... read more

Zoho CRM: Overview and Getting Started is designed for the new Zoho CRM users who need to start from the beginning. This course explains the core features of Zoho CRM and aims to get a new Zoho CRM user comfortable with the most important ... read more

During this Chrome video training course, you will learn key overviews of Chrome and some general background on browsers. In some ways browsers are easier than ever, but as more features and synchronization are built in, there are a few items you ... read more

Chrome Extensions During this Chrome Extensions video training course, you will review some popular and useful Extensions. Browser extensions can add a great deal of functionality to a browser. Because Google allows anyone to easily post an ... read more

Beginners Guide to Microsoft excel is designed to get you started with excel even if you are a complete newbie. This version independent course will provide you detail understanding of spreadsheet paradigms and how you can use the power of excel ... read more