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Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment is a legal requirement, and a very important process to be performed in any workplace, it is simply like planning ahead, what would we do to prevent harm from happening, and how we could prevent any losses in man or equipment, and ... read more

Intuitive Success

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It's easy to become stuck in life. People become tied down by stale relationships, an unsatisfying career, their health or just general circumstances. But it doesn't have to be like that. We all have intuition - a different way of deciding what ... read more

Most of us struggle with too many tasks at their jobs. In these modern times we are all exposed to various distractions and requirements. Usually you have to (or want to): Answer emails 24 hours per day Work for more than one project at the ... read more

Welcome to the What is Hypnosis Course! In this course you will learn what hypnosis is, what it is not, where is came from, how it works and how quickly it can quickly transform any area you need help in. You can expect to feel more relaxed, ... read more

Inspiration for Success

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You know that you want to be successful in life. But, maybe you are feeling a bit stuck right now. Maybe you feel like you could use a dose of inspiration. Questions You may have questions like: How can you get yourself on track? How can you ... read more

In this course you will learn to: Reduce Stress Increase Happiness Live with Purpose Live with Meaning Re-prioritize Your Life Around What Matters Achieve Your Dreams Through my work as a master teacher, entrepreneur, traveler, and ... read more

This is a no nonsense, practical, nuts and bolts course designed for anyone who is ready to focus on developing their self-control. Taught by Ed Kreiner, a Life Coach and Pastor of forty years, this course highlights simple practices rather than ... read more

This is a one hour course during which you will learn practical, tried and true ways to lift your self-esteem and improve resilience through small changes to your every day routine. The course is for everyone who sees the need to improve their own ... read more

Wasting time sucks. So stop doing it. In this course, we'll cover four things: 1. An Introduction to the Eisenhower Decision Matrix 2. The Difference between Urgency and Importance 3. How to Build your Eisenhower Decision Matrix ... read more

QUESTION: Are You Closer To Living Your Dream Than You Were One Year Ago? We all claim we want to be successful. But then weeks, months, even years go by, and we have nothing to show for it. It DOESN'T have to be that way. Because if you ... read more