Launch Your Startup Idea Without Any Code

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Have an idea for a startup, but no technical skills to build it?

Did you know that some of the world's greatest tech startups were in fact launched with very little technology?

These are companies that were acquired for $50-$540 million, or IPO'd.

How did they do it?

Almost no one realizes that there are TONS of online tools you can put together to create a product without writing any code.

In this course I will show you how these tools can be used to build your idea and get your first customers.

"I created my 'startup' in a couple of hours thanks to this class. I can't believe that i read all of those books first... glad I decided to take this class. thanks." - Jenifer Daniels ★★★★★

You will learn:

  • Seven code-free tools that you can combine like LEGO pieces to build your product
  • Four types of Wordpress plugins that might save you months of development.
  • How to accept payments online the most professional way possible - in under 10 minutes.
  • How to appear like you hired a full-time graphic designer and built everything in-house.
  • The most powerful technology in the world.... and why you already know how to use it.

"I learned so much about services that can get me started right away! I was hitting roadblocks and getting discouraged by having to learn all these program languages. I felt like I was never going to launch if I had to teach myself how to do everything. This course has me excited to begin!" - Paris Jackson ★

This course includes:

  • Stories of a successful startups that used each method successfully.
  • Techniques for defining your product to get your first customers ASAP
  • Links to specific services that I have tested and compared, many of which have free plans.

This class is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a clear idea of what they want to build
  • Have zero technical knowledge, but comfortable with software
  • Are willing to work hard to launch their company

"If you know nothing, you will know a lot after listening to Tal' advice. He knows his stuff and is clear and informative. I think this is a great class at a great price." - Jody Myers

"Thanks Tal for this wonderful course. It is worth every penny, I have so much fun working on my project right now, and with all your tips the start has become really easy. During the course you learn how to build e-commerce shops, social networks, blog-websites and more. Tal enables and challenges you to build a fully functioning prototype of your project and share it with others. It's really fun to see your start-up grow day by day. And you never feel lost, since he does not introduce complicate concepts and technical terms. This course focuses on giving you just the necessary tools to build your own online start-up." - Max Breitsprecher

Did you know that being non-technical can actually be a huge advantage? Here's why:

When you know how to code (or have a technical cofounder), you can spend days, months, and years chugging away at something no one wants. (Confession: I've done this...twice). It's so easy to just keeping building instead of launching and selling.

However, when you're non-technical, you don't have that option! Instead, you have to figure out how to serve your customers right away.

This course will give you the tools to start serving customers now.

After completing this course:

  1. You will have a working product you can use to start getting customers right away.
  2. Recruiting investors, partners, and technical talent will be MUCH easier - because you'll have a real product and real revenue.
  3. You'll obtain lifetime skills to quickly prototype and test all your future ideas as well.

I have taught this course to over 1,500 students worldwide both live and online, with a 96% approval rating (✮✮✮✮✮). I'm excited to bring this course to the Udemy community.

Tal Raviv

P.S. I personally respond to any questions students have, so there's no worry about being stuck or not knowing how to work a particular tool.

Here are some kind words from my previous students:

  • "The best class I have ever taken. He really made my goals feel possible. It all feels super attainable. I could have watched another hour!" - Denise Hamilton
  • "Just feels empowering that you can get started on your own." - Fran H.
  • "I am so happy that I found someone who does not hide under code and the fancy prancy technocrats trying to complicate the lives of practical people seeking the truth about the market." - Joanna Recine
  • "Being a non-technical entrepreneur, and launching my first tech startup right now, by far the best course I´ve founded in the web. Thanks!" - Roberto Bolanos

"There is so much that non-technical entrepreneurs can do - if they only knew about the resources out there and how to use them. It's not even that hard - just a few tools and permission to think differently. I can't think of a better guide than Tal."

Gabe Weinberg, Founder & CEO of DuckDuckGo

"It's about time somebody compiled this information. Tal skips the self-help cr*p to give non-technical founders practical directions to literally launch products."

Matt Mickiewicz, Founder of 99Designs and Hired

"This is the complete toolset that every non-technical co-founder needs to know about. No one has ever organized it so clearly or thoroughly."

Anton Bernstein, Founder & CEO of Lookingo

"Tal is one of the most resourceful startup founders I have met. His journey from being non-technical to building Ecquire make him perfect for teaching this much-needed course."

Michael Tippett, Founder of NowPublic

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