About Ta3mal

There are dozens of organizations and hundreds of initiatives working hard to help Arab youth connect with work opportunities. Even so, most young people feel alone, guided only by family and friends, as they contemplate the transition from the world of education to the world of work.

Silatech and Microsoft Citizenship joined hands in April 2012 to create Ta3mal (MasrTa3mal) – Egypts first employability portal. We wanted to bring together different resources, opportunities and initiatives for young people, who were eager to learn, grow and perform, and who just did not know where to start.

The response was stunning – from Qatar to Libya to Morocco, every country wanted an employability portal. There was a clear need, but a much stronger platform was called for. 

A platform that could be personally relevant to each young person, across countries, rural and urban divides. A platform that would connect young graduates to career paths, potential entrepren​eurs to mentors, partners and funding, change makers to networks and advice. A platform that would provide 24 X 7 learning for skills and certification. 

With this vision the ta3mal (works) concept was born. 

We have partnered with organizations across the world to bring together the best resources, tools and combined them with live virtual advisors who can help you take the first steps towards success. Over the next few months, we will keep building this platform and adding new partnerships and resources. We will share what we create and gather with you on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.​​​